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Star Current Deposits is an ideal product for business community who can operate the account as frequently as they can depending upon their needs. The account can also be opened by individuals . The key features of the account are:


Who can Open? Individuals, Group of Individuals, Proprietorship Firms, Partnership Firms, Limited Companies, Associations, Trusts, Societies, Corporate Entities, etc.
Account to be opened in (currencies) BWP, ZAR, USD, EURO & GBP
Minimum Balance BWP 1000(Not applicable for ZAR, USD & GBP)
Temporary Overdrafts Can be permitted on case to case basis
Joint Account Operations Permitted
Fees and Charges  
Minimum Balance Charges P20
Cash Deposit Charges 25t per P100;Max.P30 per deposit
Cash Withdrawal Charges 40t per P100; Max. P50 per withdrawl
Account Closure Charges P50
Cheque Book Charges (per 100 Leaves) P40
Stop Payment Charges P20
Issue of Monthly Statement Free
Interim Statement P3 per occassion
Leger Folio Charges P20 per 40 transactions
Monthly Account Maintenance Charges Bal. Above BWP5000: NIL
Bal. Below BWP5000: BWP30
Remittance charges As per schedule of charges
Standing Instruction Charges P10 per instruction (Other than RD A/c)
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